Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Technical Management

The B.A.A.S. in Technical Management is designed to provide a transfer path into a bachelor degree program from Applied Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree programs.  This program is offered in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, two locations in Austin and Online.



The Technical Management major provides a selection of business courses in which students learn how to apply core business skills within their own career field.

The BAAS provides students with knowledge of business concepts relevant for today’s marketplace and develops leadership skills to prepare graduates for the changing business environment.


Admissions Requirements

Acceptance into a BAAS degree program requires an earned AAS degree from a regionally accredited school. As a program designed specifically for transfer students, a review of the transcripts and development of a plan of study is required prior to admission. This plan of study must be approved by the Dean of the College of Business and accepted by the Registrar's Office prior to an offer of admissions


Core Curriculum



Fine Arts



Natural Sciences

Physical Education

Social/Behavioral Sciences





Technical Management Major Curriculum

Business Fundamentals

Principles of Accounting


Principles of Management

Leadership and Business

Creativity, Critical Thinking and Change

Capstone Project



Enough elective hours to reach the minimum 124 semester hours required for graduation.


Christine Jacques
Christine Jacques
Recent graduate, Business

My experience with Concordia has helped me grow not only in my Real Estate Brokerage business but as a leader in our community.

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Christine Jacques

Christine Jacques

Recent graduate, Business

To Concordia University,
I have had the honor of attending Concordia University Accelerated Degree Program in Texas and Wisconsin. After two years of classes, I attended my graduation on May 9, 2009 in Austin where I received my BA in Business. My experience with Concordia has helped me grow not only in my Real Estate Brokerage business but as a leader in our community. With my exposure to a variety of courses, networking with experienced adult students, and personal care that I have received from Concordia University’s staff, I would recommend Concordia to other adults who are looking to finish their education. I have not only gained an education but some close friendships that will stay with me beyond my life at Concordia University. Education is something that no one can take away from you. My view of the world, work, family, and friends, has changed and prospered because of attending Concordia University. I will be continuing my education by pursuing a master's degree in business this fall.
Kindest Regards,
Christine Jacques
Jacques Investment Resources, LLC

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