Master of Education

Concordia offers four Master of Education specializations. Visit the locations page for more information about the programs offered in your area.



Master of Education in Advanced Literacy Instruction

This program prepares teachers for literacy instruction ranging from early childhood to high school levels.

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Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Teacher's Certification

Designed to build intellectual and instructional skills, as well as understanding of technological applications, the Curriculum and Instruction specialization is perfect for those looking to teach in a specific content area.

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Master of Education in Differentiated Instruction

Provides educators with a sequence of courses that imparts knowledge and practical guidelines on how to adjust instruction in specific cases for students who need modifications in the classroom.

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Master of Education in Educational Administration

Designed to prepare students for leadership in the educational arena, this program prepares students for their TExES Principal Certification Exam.

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Master of Education in Sports Administration

Available Spring 2014

Designed to develop practitioners to lead sports programs or enterprises with integrity, fairness, and competence. Whether an individual has a career goal of high school athletic director, university coach, or fitness center manager/owner, the courses within this program will help develop the skills necessary for such leadership positions.

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