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Student Life and Spiritual Focus

Concordia University Texas has a vibrant and active student life. During your time here, you will be made into a Christian leader through campus activities, daily chapel service (optional) and breaks between classes that allow time for you to worship. Our variety of education programs will challenge you, and equip you for ministry in the church, as well as service in a broad range of careers. These programs also encourage you to develop caring, sharing and serving attitudes toward others.



Get Involved

Concordia believes joining with others in an activity is one of the best ways to add structure to free time. It’s also a great way to make friends, experience Christian fellowship and the Concordia way of life. Studies show that students who participate in collegiate activities tend to stay in school longer, earn better grades and enjoy their college experience. For these reasons, Concordia has developed an extensive extracurricular program with you, the student, in mind. Check out the list of current student organizations!


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We offer a wide variety of sports including baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, softball, volleyball and track and field. For a full schedule of events or to learn how to get involved, visit our Athletics website.


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Concordia’s music program provides a place for students of a variety of skill levels to experience excellence in performance, in instruction, and in collaboration with their peers in a variety of settings.  Our ensembles tour nationally and internationally, our faculty are leaders in their field and often keep several performing engagements in Austin, and we offer many opportunities to develop skills in a variety of musical areas.


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Campus Activities

There’s always something going on at Concordia. From open mic nights at a local coffee shop to activities throughout the year – concerts, plays, festivals, intramural games and more – you’ll find yourself making memories and friendships that last a lifetime. For more information and to view this month’s events, visit our calendar.


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Emily Gonzales
Emily Gonzales
Sophomore, Pre-Nursing

I love that we are in such a convenient location. Lake Travis and downtown Austin are not that far from campus, so there is a little bit of everything to do.

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Emily Gonzales

Emily Gonzales

Sophomore, Pre-Nursing

My hometown is Sugar Land, TX.
The highlight of my time at CTX is definitely meeting new people. I was a little nervous about meeting my roommate, but after living with her for a couple weeks, we noticed that we are very similar. I love being part of a Christian university because it allows me to meet people that believe in the same religious beliefs as I do. I have met so many people that share the same values as I do and I don’t believe I would have had this chance at any other university.
I think CTX is unique because of the campus. I love that we are in such a convenient location. Lake Travis and downtown Austin are not that far from campus, so there is a little bit of everything to do. the interpersonal relationships that students form with professors. The faculty and staff genuinely care about you as a person.
The professor that impacted me the most is everyone! I can’t say that just one professor has impacted me the most. Each professor I have had has made such an impact on my life. Each one has taken time out to help me in class and outside of class as well. Each professor has made it their responsibility to make sure that I understand all the material taught in class. They all take the time out of their busy schedule to make sure that I succeed, and I feel very blessed to be apart of such a caring University.
My advice to incoming pre-nursing students is to take everything a semester at a time. I would say that if they look at all the courses they will have to take, there is a high chance they might overwhelm themselves. Plan out which courses they will take during each semester and then start from there. Study hard and give it your all!
The professors, faculty and my peers constantly remind me that God is always there for all of us. Being a part of Concordia helps me remind myself as well as others that we can be open about our faith and we should spread the word for our Lord and Savior. There is such a positive attitude shared all across campus and that helps me be positive and be a better person and a Christian Leader.

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